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The tectonics of social and climatic changes have also led some aquatic animals to attempt adaptation. Even under the surface, things are different than in the days when millers' wheels were stopped. To survive, they seek new ways of living on the edges of cities. We have agreed with some Prague and Brno watermen to allow a short human visit.
Visiting hours for watermen are 3:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m. It is possible to visit them for any length of time. It is possible to visit all the ponds, or just some. For spatial orientation, a map with marked places where watermen are located will be provided when purchasing a ticket.
The project follows on from the collective's long-term research in the field of water, which was first presented by the all-day performance Vodnik realized in June 2019 as part of the program of the Prague is not Czech initiative at the Prague Quadrennial.

vodnik ruka.jpeg



Eva Lietavová, Anna Prstková, Jakub Růžička


Ladislav Čumba, Lucie Hrochová, Adam Kratochvíl, Juraj Mitro, Adam Páník, Vojtěch Vávra. Josef Žarsky


Barbora Gajdošová, Zdeněk Foukal, Andrea Polnická



"The next day, a group of JAMU students set out to find Czech mythology, specifically the ghost of Aquarius. This time it was not by train, but by bus. The journey was completed by interpretation pedagogue Ladislav Čumba, who explained the phenomenon of the Vodnice ghost from the point of view of ethnography, etymology, but also theater history. At Wolmann's pond near Rakovník, three actors played out the unobtrusive story of two watermen and their partner. For six hours in the open heat, with much lower costs and in improvised conditions, the JAMU students managed to conceive the trip as a much more epic and effective immersion than what the CAMPQ producers were aiming for. In addition to the pond, various nooks and crannies and the need not to overwhelm the participants with a theatrical event, they won with the old concrete spillway, where a spectacular finale with a clarinet performance also took place."


"The topics of climate change and social issues such as old age, abandonment,
poverty, and if we wanted to interpret a lot, we could be in trouble
watermen to project the housing crisis or immigration without major obstacles. Aquarius
In essence, open worked very successfully with the method of specialization, when familiar things
transforms it into a new context, subtly supported by fiction, and thus makes the mundane stand out
a fact to which perhaps we are often immune under normal circumstances."

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