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Kombinujeme různé bazmeky, aby mohl vzniknout entertainment.
Již od roku 2020.

bazmek entertainment is an independent artistic group, which is mainly devoted to theater work. 

Our projects are devoted to topics that we perceive as stimulating for life in the contemporary world. We are inspired by novels, mythology, reportage books, the lives of unknown celebrities, textbooks... In our repertoire, this diversity is also reflected in the search for challenges, which is why you will come across new drama, open-air performances and audio walks.

We start each project with a fresh perspective so that we can experience surprises during creation, and we believe that in this way we can always bring a different experience to the audience as well. 

We are trying to show that independent theater is playful and thoughtful, kind and chilling, that it is a challenge and fun - and that even with limited resources it is possible to create smartly, economically and colorfully at the same time. In short, our goal is to pull the audience in, grab them and not let them go!

The founding members are Anna Prstková, Eva Lietavová and Patrik Boušek.

bazmek entertainment is a resident group of the independent art center Co.Labs in Brno and also a member of the Association of Independent Theatres. 

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